The Green Makers promote sustainable living, fostering an organic relationship with one’s natural surroundings. Behind every design is a cultivation of eco-consciousness and not merely a purchase. We showcase designs that are sustainable and inspired by nature without sacrificing any of the beauty our customers desire in their home, work, or play space.

Anthony wanted to make better, more creative products. “I come from an architecture family,” he explains. In fact, he happens to be the grandson of the late, internationally acclaimed architect Raul Campos. “I was eight years old, building a house out of cardboard,” he recalls, “and [my grandfather] came over to me and said, ‘You are going to be an amazing artist one day.’ That stuck with me.”

Testimonials & Reviews


Brian Collier


“From the day I randomly was driving by the place, Friendly introduction we talked for a while. Very personable the next time I stopped to place an order. Great communication throughout the process of the build. Fast friendly delivery couldn’t ask for more highly recommend”

Andy Williams Sr.

Workshop Customer

“I did a workshop with Marc and built a picket fence out of the recycled pallets. It looks great. It will be installed in an office as a dog pen. Marc is a real craftsman/artist. It is satisfying to build something yourself and to use the recycled wood to help the environment. Thanks Marc.”

Heather Feller

Events Customer

“There are few places I’ve been which immediately beckon to the creative spirit before even walking through the door. The Green Palette is such a place. Upon entrance, a visitor to this space receives full immersion into whimsy and possibility. This is an incredible local treasure great for holding events where you’d like creativity to play a role (such as a baby shower, like I had), for taking classes and learning something new, for inspired assistance in making your own Earth-friendly furniture and decor, I believe the possibilities are endless.”

Charles Patty

Events Customer

“DIY (do it yourself) meets frank Gehry (architect who innovated design using industrial-type materials, such as cardboard to make furniture and chain link fencing in home projects). Very innovative and superior customer service. Sign up for classes at this Educational community center. This is the the future, a world where there is a use for everything , where garbage is unknown, industry becomes innovative in art, many ways to create something of beauty and joy. Recombinant recycling at the cutting edge of innovation and invention. Material music – Made by caring hands in the u.s.a.”