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“Pallet wood has enormous character. It’s a stubborn wood, it wants what it wants. No carpenter who needs everything 100 percent square and level wants to bother with it—it breaks every rule, it’s got nails, the depths and thicknesses vary. But the finished look is so beautiful. I think my favorite stuff is the cabinetry—it’s got more variation in tone than the expensive, reclaimed barn siding everybody wants. A bricklay pattern in pallet wood is just so gorgeous.”

Housed in a repurposed brush factory on Kingston’s Greenkill Avenue, the Green Palette offers workshops in creating pallet furniture, birdhouses, signs, or whatever a customer can imagine. “You can bring me a coffee table design you saw on Pinterest or dreamed up or whatever,”



Who am I? Where am I from?

My name is Marc Anthony from New Paltz NY, I went to FIT for sustainable design and was a sales designer for Crate & Barrel & Restoration Hardware & Environment Furniture. In 2008 I decided to go at it on my own and after a failed attempt with a store in the East Village I went at it again in 2010 with The Green Palette in New Paltz, NY.

Why do I do this?

In 2008 I was importing from Indonesia and sending my auto-cad drawings there and went to visit the factory in Jakarta. I lived with a family for a month assisting them with my order and it was there I began to learn about woodworking and using salvaged materials to make furniture from. They were using reclaimed teak and carving into it making beautiful cabinetry.

Why I chose to work with wooden pallets?

In 2010, after the collapse of the economy I found it hypocritical to charge such high prices for reclaimed/recycled furnishings. So I thought about other ways to make furniture inexpensive yet recycled. I saw some pallets at a hardware store by my home and thought this could make some cool furniture. I taught myself the tricks and trades to building furniture with pallets, there were some painful lessons in the beginning.

What are my can’t-live-without essentials?

I can’t live without my sawzall I use it to take every pallet apart so I can use every square inch of the pallet to make something from. The demo blades last about 30-40 pallets before changing them.

How do I get inspired at the shop?

Our space is set up like an art studio we feel we are not a furniture factory, we are artists collaborating together making unique pieces every time we build something. We hear our clients needs and we begin painting the scene they wish to envision their furnishing in.

Where do I look for inspiration?

Anything with plumbing pipe is inspiring me these days, it adds an industrial element to the pallet and gives the pallet a more aesthetic design to it. I love going to Brimfield antique show in MA to get my inspiration and other antique trade market shows.

Tips for people who’d like to start crafting?

Find shared spaces that allow you to work their so you don’t have to invest in all the tools right away. We have a work with us program letting people come to our facility for the day and work on their own designs. We show them how to use certain tools and then let them go about making their own masterpiece.

Something I'd like to tell to pallet community about...

We need better press about THT and heat treated pallets so many people fear pallets are unsafe around their children or used for tables and beds. I try to assure them IKEA MDF and veneers are 10-times worse pollutants than a pallet could ever be.

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